Cylpebs cast iron

Cylinders iron grinding for ball mills.

Cylinders grinding iron (cylpebs) intended for grinding in ball mills clinkers, sludges, coal, non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

The cylindrical shape cylpebs allows to increase the area of interaction between the grinding bodies from the raw material as compared to the balls.


cylinder diameter - 25 mm
cylinder length - 38 mm
Hardness - HB 474
Chemical composition:

Factors that guarantee quality indicators cylpebs

Using natural alloy of raw materials and high quality ligatures.
The optimum ratio of the chemical elements in the material.
Stable melt mode and casting metal.
Continuous monitoring of the structure, hardness and impact resistance.
2 years of experience of our company in the production of cylpebs.


  • Cement plants.
  • Silicate plants.
  • Fire-resistant plants.
  • Mining and processing plant.